Salesforce Certified Administrator

Early this year, I started thinking about a certification I could study and try, I took the AWS certification but I didn’t get any response from recruiters and companies as to the value of this certification. When researching what the next certification I could dedicate some time was for Salesforce.
After applying for a job and being declined because I didn’t have the certification I decided it was time for me to start studying and dedicate some time.

The Exam Guide can be found here and I am going through the steps with every blog post to help me or maybe someone else.

Resources I’m using to help me:
Trailhead – I will talk more about Trailhead in my next post
Salesforce Administrator Certification – This is a paid course on Udemy from David Massey, I haven’t finished yet but I like it so far. I love that I have the option to watch a video while I’m at the gym or when I don’t feel like reading. It might be worth the price if you buy it during one of Udemy’s sales
The Complete Salesforce Certified Administrator Course – Another paid Udemy course, this one is created by Wheeler Media, I haven’t purchased this one but it’s a best seller and they focus a lot on using CHAT GPT to help you learn Salesforce
YouTube Salesforce Now Channel – This channel has videos covering all sections of the exam and it’s really helpful and of course, free

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