In the previous post, I described how I started thinking about getting a Salesforce certification and the resources I used to get started. One great resource you can use is Trailhead.

So, what is Trailhead, you ask? Imagine a beautiful hiking trail (hence the name) with stunning views, a gentle breeze, and plenty of exciting stops along the way. Now replace the physical trail with a virtual one, and instead of hiking boots, grab your laptop or smartphone. That’s Trailhead in a nutshell!

Trailhead is an online learning platform created by Salesforce, designed to make learning Salesforce concepts and skills fun, interactive, and accessible to everyone. It offers a wide range of guided learning paths, modules, and projects that cater to both beginners and experienced professionals alike.

One of the best things about Trailhead is its casual and friendly approach to learning. It doesn’t matter if you’re a coding guru or a Salesforce newbie; Trailhead breaks down complex concepts into bite-sized, easy-to-understand modules. The content is presented in a conversational tone, with plenty of real-world examples and scenarios that help you grasp the material without feeling overwhelmed.

One of the highlights of Trailhead is the hands-on experience it provides. With Salesforce’s innovative playground, known as the “Trailhead Playground,” you can practice what you learn in a safe and sandboxed environment. You can experiment, build, and play with Salesforce features without worrying about making mistakes in a live production environment.

Now, if I was able to catch your attention this far and you are still interested to know how to get started with Trailhead, just hang in there for a little bit more. The link for Trailhead is and you just click on the orange button “Get started for free”

Once you went through the step to register your information, you need to go to Credentials and Certification.

Each module within a trail is like a pitstop on your journey. You’ll find interactive lessons, quizzes, and challenges to test your knowledge and keep you engaged. And let’s not forget the badges and points you earn along the way! As you complete modules and projects, you’ll unlock badges to showcase your achievements. It’s like collecting digital souvenirs on your learning adventure!

In the Credentials, you can pick any path you prefer but my focus on this blog will be on the Salesforce Administrator path and I selected the first certification available.

Take your time you read the information on that page about the certification. The Exam Guide I’ve already shared with you in the last post. Now, I would definitely recommend starting with the Trail “Study for the Administrator Certification exam” but if you can’t wait to start your journey with Salesforce, then you can also start with the Trailmix (or for any certification you are looking for)

Trailhead has a lot more to help you with your journey, but for now, just the basics to help you get started get familiar with the content and get familiar with Salesforce

Happy Learning!

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